CONSULTING has over 30 years of Broadcasting, Voice-Over and Multimedia experience. We provide consulting services to anyone looking for advice or insight into audio and video production. Our experience has given us insight into a variety of different video and audio marketing techniques, as well as software and hardware solutions. If you’re looking for advice or guidance relating to your project, we would love to help!



Infomercials, Podcasts, ISDN, Phone Patch, Source Connect, Comrex Hotline (including bridging), Live Radio Broadcasts, Voiceover, Looping/ADR, On-Site Recording, Commercials, Remote Broadcast Packages, CD Duplication & Labeling, Sweetening, Sound Design.



Educational & Instructional Video, Corporate & Industrial Video, Web Content, Viral, & Mobile, Events, Commercials, Live Streaming, Graphics & Animation, Obsolete File Recovery & Conversion, Green & Blue Screens (Insert Stage), Live Multiple-Camera Webcasting, Limited-Scale Commercial & Photography Work, Copywriting.



STUDIO RENTALS/FILM LOCATION Broadcast Production & Creative sports a large, on-air studio, a small television studio and several editing suites, as well as a voice over booth.  Everything a producer would need for a "radio studio" location.  



With a combined resume of 20+ years in audio and video editing expertise, can help you finish your production.